Here are some relevant links before your visit to Tisleia.

Inatur – Buy your fishing license here.

Map – map of the entire river, fly fishing zones highlighted.

Facebook – Follow Tisleia on Facebook.

Twitter– Follow Tisleia on Twitter.

Youtube – Follow Tisleia on Youtube and watch the videos we post.

Recommended accommodation
Vasetdansen Camping – Cabin rental, grocery and tavern. Sell fishing licenses. Norway’s cosiest fishing pub, Naustet, is located right on the river bank.

Bjørkestølen Camping – Cabin rental, kiosk and café. Sell fishing licenses. Located right on the river bank and close to fly fishing zone.

Heia Merket – Accommodation and activites. Located right on the river bank.

Oset Høyfjellshotell – Hotel with good facilities and a pool. Located near Tisleifjorden.

Sanderstølen – Holiday apartments, pool, dining opportunities.

Joker Fjellbu – Grocery store. Sell fishing licenses. Webcam overlooking the river.

Fishing in Valdres – community card for fishing in Valdres. Not Applicable fly zones in Tisleia.

Valdres – Page for destination Valdres.

Water level – Check the water level in Tisleia here.

Water level – The water level by the hour.

Yr – Check the weather in Tisleia here.