Tisleia in English

Tisleia starts flowing from Tisleifjorden that is located in Nord-Aurdal municipality in Oppland county and Gol and Hemsedal municipality in Buskerud county. Tisleia runs about 16 kilometers down Tisleidalen valley in Nord-Aurdal and ends in Ølsjøen.

Almost the entire Tisleia is now managed by Tisleia Elveeierlag, which is a collaboration between all landowners along Tisleia. The exception is Golsfjellet Fiskeforening, which sells their own licenses along the south side at the top of the channel, just downstream of the dam (Tisleidammen), with season 5th of June to 10th of September.

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See map here – fly fishing zones marked with green to red.

The river runs through the stunning and varied mountain scenery and has almost everything an angler could ask for – from powerful rapids to calmer flowing water. This variety helps to give many good fishing spots. Several spots in Tisleia is easily accessible by car, but to reach some parts of the river expect anywhere from a 10 to a 30 minute walk.

Tisleia is regulated and water levels may vary.
Keep an eye on the water level here: Water level

Our personal opinion is that the river is best when the water level is about normal summer level, which is 14 cubic meters of water per second. The river is of course more than fishable on both lower and higher water levels, but personal experience suggests that between eight and 20 cubic meters give the best fishing and best hatches.

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